Live-in 24 hr Management Program

Live-In Management Program - only $99 per week

Home Retirement Services has been provides care management services and advice to seniors and their caregivers.

If you already have a caring, trusted, reliable, live-in caregiver that helps you with all your daily needs, we can enhance the care he/she provides by guiding them and coaching them on the more advanced aspects of caregiving.

With weekly visits to your home, our Client Care Managers review the care you receive ensuring complete satisfaction and peace of mind that you are truly the care you need and deserve!

Our Live-In 24 Hr Management Program includes all of the following services for one low price:

Care Management Services including an Initial Assessment with an experienced Client Care Manager:

*Any additional purchases made are not included in the price. They will simply be added to the invoice, no petty cash required. Contact us today to find out how the Live-In Management Program will help ensure you are receiving the right level of care.

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